Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


That’s 6% too much…..

Sounds harsh? Well when looking at the empirical evidence that surrounds these frauds, it’s not difficult to conclude that the overwhelming percentage are frauds, and the rest are successfully lying about it. Even the Finnish government has finally admitted that the regions these frauds are coming from are not unsafe.

Just over 6% of unaccompanied minors granted asylum to date, most applications still pending

Finland has cumulatively granted asylum to 195 underage applicants from a total of 3,201 since the wave of mass migration first hit Europe last summer. This puts the percentage of successful applications to date at 6.09 percent. The Finnish Immigration Services projects that about half of the pending applications will be successful before all is said and done.


Image: Suvi Vesalainen / Yle

Close to 40 young men from Afghanistan participate in Finnish language and integration courses at the Karijärvi reception centre in the southern city of Porvoo, as they prepare for their long-awaited interview with the Finnish Immigration Service. They are among the over 3,000 minors that have arrived in Finland since 2015 without an accompanying adult to seek asylum.


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