Donald Trump


This is why Trump was never my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice.

His stalwart supporters will shout, “why should he take on a 2nd tier candidate? it was a smart move to change his mind.” But it shows that this man is not interested in challenging, nor up to the task to take on the chief threat ruining this once great nation. The ideology of tyrannical Left.

A real conservative would have jumped at the chance.

Trump wants to sidestep all the messy business about spearheading a philosophical movement, you know, that which the Founders and Framers of the country and its constitution based their reasoning upon in their decision to break away from the mightiest world power at the time, Britain.

Taking on Bernie Sanders is not about taking on Bernie Sanders, but about taking on the socialist Left mindset. It’s about taking the message of liberty and free market capitalism that are intertwined. It’s about taking on the statist entrenched bureaucracy that’s choking the system, and the crony politicians who are more than happy to feather their own nests while the republic crumbles.

It’s about leading a liberty movement, something that Trump is totally incapable of doing, because he’s not a conservative.

The ills facing the US are not from a ”trade imbalance”, but from the federal government which is crushing the society as it further centralizes concentrated power. The US needs a liberty movement, not a populist progressive one.

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