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Any ”news” organization that uses PC terms in order to push a meme, cannot be considered a real news organization, but a propaganda outfit.


The seriousness of the fact that these people could be anywhere in Finland can’t be overstated, especially when we know that the overwhelming majority are complete frauds and that the Islamonazis have made it clear that they will, and have, infiltrated their numbers.

Growing underground?

The Kuopio-based newspaper Savon Sanomat reports that Interior Minister Petteri Orpo is worried that there will be a rise in the number of undocumented immigrants in Finland.

Police recently reported that around 2,500 asylum seekers had vanished from reception centres last year and so far this year. Interviewed by Savon Sanomat on Sunday, Orpo said that most of these people have probably left the country.

“I am more concerned about those whose applications have been rejected and don’t want to leave the country. If those getting a negative decision do not want to leave, there is a danger of the creation of a sub-culture, and that these people will go underground,” the Interior Minister told Savon Sanomat.

He said an effort is being made to prevent this through the use of special, higher-security centres for people being returned and upgraded police monitoring of aliens.

Orpo also expressed concerns that if local governments do not accept the placement of more people who receive asylum, they will congregate in the capital region and create immigrant “slums”.

“I don’t want the situation to get out of hand even for security officials, as it has in Sweden,” stated Orpo.

According to Orpo, the provision by local governments of places for refugees to live and integrate is poor at the moment. The situation is a bit better in municipalities along the west coast, he said, but more need to be taken in by local governments nationwide.


NOTE: This is the reason as to why these people needed to be sequestered in an asylum processing center until given the green light to enter.

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