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Always trying to appear the victim.

Jumping on Labour’s scandal of politicians (Muslims predominately) who are openly Jew haters, the Muslim Council of Britain wants the same spotlight shown on the Tories as well. The problem being, Tories and others such as UKIP, are not focusing their angst on the ethnicity/race of these questionable Muslims, but upon their relations with unsavoury members of their religion.

Jew hatred is irrational, while criticism of Islam, is not. It’s never about the colour of their ears, but about what goes on between them.

Tories must launch urgent inquiry into Islamophobia in party, Muslim Council of Britain says

The Tories risk becoming embroiled in an Islamophobia row in light of their campaign against Sadiq Khan

The Conservative party must conduct an urgent inquiry into alleged Islamophobia in its ranks, Britain’s largest Muslim representative organisation has said.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said the party’s recent campaign for Mayor of London was punctuated by “Islamophobic” smears against both the now Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and other Muslims.

David Cameron last night apologised for having falsely claimed that south London imam Sulaiman Ghani supported the terrorist group Isis – a claim he used to attack Labour’s candidate, who had appeared on platforms with him.

The Tories were also accused of “dog whilstle racism” after describing Mr Khan as “radical”, that London would not be safe under his watch, and suggesting he had associated with extremists.

Dr Shuja Shafi, secretary general of the MCB, welcomed the PM’s apology, but said the Tories needed to conduct a full inquiry into “the extent of Islamophobia in its own ranks”.

Such a probe would run parallel to an inquiry conducted in the Labour party, which has appointed campaigner Shami Chakrabati to examine the extent of alleged antisemitism in the party.

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NOTE: Pure bull crap. While the imam may not agree (how are we to ever know) with IS’s tactics, the long term goal of subversion of the non-Islamic state is a shared goal. There are two kinds of jihad going on, violent and stealth, and every single Muslim who refuses to denounce the post-hijra phase of Mohamed’s career as a marauding warlord, is suspect.

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