Trumpism makes people bend their logic into pretzels.

Breitbart, the former conservative news outlet that Andrew created to keep both the media and politicians (on both sides of the aisle) accountable, has gone off the deep end with their being in the tank for Trump.

NOTE: That organization needs a serious shaking out.

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  1. “NOTE: That organization needs a serious shaking out.”

    Are you serious? Kristol is an idiot who is trying to destroy America’s and the Western World’s best shot at stopping this insanity from the Left and Islamists and you think that he should be protected?


    You do know that the author of this article is David Horowitz, a preeminent JEWISH commentator?

    Please! Re-evaluate your position. It is not Breitbart that is wrong, it is YOU.

    1. Hi Straightshooter, first of all, i’m not a Kristol supporter, i’m a constitutional conservative, that puts BK automatically outside my philosophical views. That said, I’m zeroing in on DH’s stupid headline, which will only serve every neo-nazi Jew hating website. Breitbart, while in the past having done excellent work, has now become a ”pom pom” cheer leading site for their candidate. Fine, any news generating org can do that, but the editorial staff (like Matt Drudge)has refused early on to honestly relay their clear preference for Trump. It’s highly dishonest.

      It matters little if a person is Jewish or not, stupid is stupid, and Horowitz committed a highly stupid act, and Breitbart compounded it by publishing the title as is. Calling a person out for his/her views is entirely legit, singling the person out for his ethnicity… not. I stand by that.

      Andrew Breitbart, a person whom I greatly admired, would be appalled by the direction taken by his namesake news org., he knew Trump was never a conservative, and even if he was, would never condone his site being used as an uncritical superpac for any given candidate (like Fox and Drudge has done), that is my approach to all of this, it’s done with that view in mind.

      I’m a principled conservative, and call shots as I see them. I appreciate your visiting my site, but do not expect me to hang my principles at the door and throw myself for this or that candidate just because he mouths this, that and the other, especially when he falls on all sides of any given issue, even on the same day depending what audience he’s addressing.

      All my best.

  2. One more thing. Up until today I have been an irregular viewer of your site, after this absolutely baseless comment I think I will give you a few days more, if you continue on this path the you will be gone for me.

    Sad really, for up until this you have made sense to me and I have used your site to view the Scandinavian perspective. Unfortunately you seem to have lost all perspective.

    What’s going on here? Is Kristol a relative or something? What he is trying to do is nuts.

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