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And he said as much yesterday on a morning talk show with Tuomas Enbuske on MTV3.

One positive note from the exchange yesterday on Finnish TV, the radical Leftist on his left, Li Andersson, can no longer use the stupid and thoroughly debunked argument that marginalization and discrimination leads to the radicalization of these Muslims committing jihad. She also agreed that there’s great concern over the sources said to be providing the funding of the proposed grand beachhead (mosque) for Helsinki. She said it was of great concern across the political spectrum.

NOTE: The Iranian Kurd Middle East analyst, Alan Salehzadeh is a Finnish citizen, and someone who the West should be supporting. He knows what Islam is, all its different sects, as well as what sharia is all about. Yes he uses the term ”Islamism”, but he does understand its post-hijra underpinnings, so I have no problem with his usage of the word.


The Greens and the Left are blind to extremist Islamism

In general, the Greens and Leftist parties are seen as having introduced gender equality and tolerance to the world. Their fine goals in history can not be underestimated.Their attitude towards extremist Islamism, especially in Islamic countries is, however, questionable. We must also remember that in these countries both the Greens and Leftist parties have been eliminated in politics.

In particular, the Nordic Green and Leftist groups differ from those in the rest of Europe. For example, I have rarely come across the fact that these groups would call into question Iran’s or Saudi Arabia’s Islamic state activities. Perhaps the reason is that they, like those two countries, are fighting against capitalism.

Maybe it is true, but the aim of the Islamists and islamic parties is to establish an Islamic state, restrict democratic elements, and to narrow the equality of women etc. That’s why they hate the super powers and Western states. The aim of the Left and the green-minded again, is more equality in the world, and they are fighting against the policies of the great powers because of it.

This does not apply to the old saying: the enemy of my enemy is my friend, because the ultimate goal of both camps is completely different, even though they combine a common opponent, capitalism.

Rarely have I noticed in the Nordic countries the Greens and leftists in particular, be critical of these kinds of Islamic organizations operating in Europe or elsewhere, Islamist activities. Perhaps one reason is that they are hoping that behing like this will not give rise Islamophobia eg. Via right-wing extremists. This is of course understandable, because it is a pity that the extreme right would denigrate everything related to immigrants. It is good that the left-wing Greens fairly defend ordinary Muslims and foreigners, but they should still update its approach to Islamists operating here, with links to political Islamism in the countries in the Middle East.

The same kind of people like the recently resigned Swedish housing minister, can also be found in very different organizations and institutions in Finland. The Minister was forced to resign after he revealed links with the Turkish extreme nationalist Islamist movement.

It would be good to be able to distinguish between representatives of political Islam and ordinary Muslims. It would also be good to check the possible link between different religious and ethnic groups operating in Finland with extremist organizations in metropolitan bodies before they are allocated an annual financial support, so that in support for encouraging cultural aid does not also go to funding extremist activity.

Representatives of the media and society should not go for confrontation between the two extremes. Equality should not be compromised on the pretext that somebody wants to maintain its own customs , if they are in conflict with the democratic elements.

Alan Salehzadeh

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