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In light of the recent incident of French President Hollande having his words ”Islamist terrorism” censored by Obama, I think it’s necessary to point to a greater truth. In a series of tweets the other day I posited the following statements to radio jock, Steven Crowder, who was talking about ”Islamism” vis-a-vis US republican presidential primary candidate,Ted Cruz.

So if we understand “islamism” to be post-hijra Islam we are in agreement, and we can start unravelling this ideology.

Lets agree that “islamism” is a post-hijra (valid) koranic construct that abrogates pre-hijra texts.

Lets also agree post-hijra Islam is not hijacking anything, just abrogating.

Lets also agree that one can only learn about pre and post-hijra Islam by reading the koran chronologically.

I believe that we shouldn’t be automatically turned off by (as I have been in times past) the usage of the term ”Islamism” by those who are explaining/commenting on political Islam. I think it’s time for a re-thinking on the issue.

Instead of dissing the user of the term (Islamism), we should try to further elucidate on what it really means. It (Islamism) has become synonymous with understanding of a ”hijacked religion”, that political Islam is somehow a recent aberration of an ancient “get along belief system”, and that if we somehow divorce the recent ”hijacking” of it, we can return the faith to its more peaceful roots.

This is of course pure bullcrap.

I suggest we preface any usage of the term, ”Islamism”, with the term of post-hijra Islam, the period in which Mohamed moved from being a spiritual (supposed) innovator to a political warlord. That is when Mohamed’s creed became a defacto political, militarily, societal and judicial movement, when he left Mecca for Medina, the former Jewish town of Yathrib, where he had every single male (of puberty) beheaded.

Mohamed slaughters-Banu-Qurayza-Jewish-Tribe

Political Islam is in fact, post-hijra Islam (if you will, Islamism) a defacto evolvement of Islam from it’s Meccan period. There is no hijacking of Islam taking place whatsoever, just the implementation of that period of Mohamed’s life which began the Islamic calendar.

It is that period in which the violent/intolerant verses of the koran supersede/abrogate the former (more reasonable) verses, and are as more valid. These are the verses which ”Islamists” (post-hijra Islam adherents) are using to correctly validate their actions.

So, when talking with people who use the term, ”Islamist”, tell them that you agree with it, but only within the context just described, it will act as a door of opportunity to expound upon just exactly what political islam is. That discussion will inevitably lead to talking about the chronological order of the koran, which clearly shows the evolution from more peaceable verses being abrogated by the violent and equally intolerant ones.

Islamism = post-hijra Islam

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