Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Finnish political policies enabled them…..

To be expected since the government itself welcomed fraudugees into the country who have paid huge sums to organized crime from the git-go. These perps are just at the tail end of that criminal enterprise.

Police hold three in major human smuggling investigation

The West Finland Coast Guard District has completed a preliminary investigation into what is likely to be the biggest case of human smuggling by an organized crime group ever in Finland. So far, three suspects believed to have been involved organizing illegal entry for over 150 people, are being held by police.

Rajavartiolaitos Merikarhu vartiolaiva.
Image: Antti Haanpää / Yle

The human smuggling operation employed agents mainly in Austria and Sweden, but also cooperated with Turkish, Greek and Serbian smugglers. The gang made what investigators say were significant profits by illegally bringing people into Finland, more than 150 in June through August of last year.

In addition to the main suspects, a number of other people were used by the smugglers in minor roles in the operation.

Asylum applications

According to the preliminary investigation, the criminal group smuggled or tried to smuggle at least 24 Iraqi nationals into the country. Those arriving from Iraq have subsequently applied for asylum.

In these cases, the individuals entered the Schengen area by sea from Turkey to Greece. Most continued by car through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary to Austria. From Austria almost all were then transported by air to Sweden and Denmark.

From Sweden, these individuals were either smuggled by road transport through Haparanda, Sweden across the border to Tornio, or aboard ferries from Stockholm to Turku and Helsinki. In some cases the smugglers also used direct flights from Austria to Helsinki.

Six suspects

Six people have been interrogated as suspects in the human smuggling operation and three of them, all residents of either Austria or Sweden have been remanded into custody. A hundred people were interviewed as witnesses.

The results of the investigation as regard the six suspects have been turned over to the prosecutor’s office of Western Finland.

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