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This is the new norm for Sweden……….

UPDATE: Here’s a video from (h/t. Jan Sjunnesson) that shows in part the attack in question. The film crew was threatened with stoning for ”being on their land”.

Text trans film clip, and exchange between muslims and film crew (

“Stood on their land”

They go to Tensta center, where they set up the camera and film clips to images wrapped.They make contact with a person who would be interviewed. He goes away and they are waiting for him to come back. But after five to ten minutes, another man until the camera man.

“Why are you filming?” he says, and sounds very upset. Then he goes away and comes back with his pals.

– They thought we crossed the border and that we were standing on their land. We did not stand there and work, says Valentina Xhaferi.

The situation is nasty, and she says they’ll go from there.

– Then he will be very, very angry and says he’ll pick up a stone and show us what the stone throwing is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone, I wanted to just run away, says Valentina Xhaferi.

Masked men attack 60 Minutes crew in Sweden

60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes and her film crew were attacked by a group of masked men in Sweden.

Staff writersNews Corp Australia Network

A FILM crew from Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program have been attacked in Sweden by a “group of masked men” while filming a story about the European migrant crisis.

The team, which included the Nine Network’s veteran reporter Liz Hayes, were visiting the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby when a group of young men circled the film crew and ran over a cameraman’s foot and injured one of their producers.

Swedish media outlet Avpixlats, which had partnered with 60 Minutes to film the story, reported that before they reached Rinkeby, a man approached them and asked why they were there. He then deliberately drove over the cameraman’s foot.

Jan Sjunnesson, a reporter Avpixlat, reported that six police officers arrived to protect the crew, which included three photographers, a cameraman, producer and Hayes, as well as Avpixlats employees.

Sjunnesson said the crew spoke to residents who were not aggressive, and explained how they enjoyed the area and its many cultures.

But when police disappeared from sight, Sjunnesson said a group of “young African masked men” surrounded them.

A bottle was thrown at a camera, and a photographer “was beaten right across the chin so that a tooth [came] loose,” Sjunnesson wrote.

The film crew left Rinkeby immediately, telling Avpixlats that they had never encountered hostility even when filming in Iraq, Syria and Somalia.

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