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The Left (which involves a wide range of people) and their lackeys, the neo-Statists (faux conservatives) have been behind the policies that have allowed Islam such a toehold on the continent. 

The Left includes many people who still identify as Christians, and whose policies have helped unleashed a great unstabilizing factor in our midst, so lets get it straight. I do not blame Jews for Islamization of the West, any more than I blame ”The Finns” for the socialization of the US due to Finnish immigrant socialists featuring prominently in the Socialist movement in the early part of the last century.

The Jewish Counterjihad

Earlier this month we received the following email from a representative of JewGida, a Jewish Counterjihad group in Europe:

Dear Gates of Vienna team,

We are the Jewish fraction of Pegida Germany, called JewGida. We want to thank you for supporting the one and only Jewish state in the world in this dark and sad time of Islamic Jihad against the free world.

We are addressing you with a plea to educate your readers about the Jewish contribution to the Counterjihad movement. We notice a worrying rise of anti-Semitism among the patriotic movements across the Western world. “The Jews/Zionists/Israel are behind the Islamization of Europe” is becoming the narrative of a certain minority of Western patriots.

More here at Gates of Vienna

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