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The grating thing about all of this is, we are forced to fund these leftist ideologues at YLE.

They are impervious to any kind of dissent, nothing gets through to them in the ivory halls of that (hack) pseudo journo/broadcasting company. This is state funded propaganda against another fellow democracy. And of course, these jackasses have a history of turning a blind eye to Jew hatred, with asshats like this:

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

Anyways, the guys @ Israellycool have the full low down on the BDS-hole, Roger Waters, with whom the YLE staff would love to trade spit and other bodily fluids with.

Ulkolinja: Israel’s media war

Outside line: the media war in Israel, YLE TV1
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States

TV1 on Thursday, 02.04.2016 at 22.00 – 22.55, re-run on Wednesday, 10.2. at 22.55
At Yle Areena for 30 days

Israel, like many other countries, has long and successfully used diplomacy, public relations and information war to give a positive image to the world.

Israel’s reputation in the United States is clean, while in Europe Israeli attacks on Gaza have been widely condemned. Israel has at its disposal a huge propaganda machine, which has an effective impact on American perceptions.

The documentary (12) interviews with experts in politics, the media and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Experts estimate Israel’s decades long activities, by which it wishes to secure the United States and American support for its operations.

Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States. Screenplay: Roger Waters . Directed by Loretta Alper and Jeremy Earp . Production: Media Education Foundation / Mundo Vision Productions and Distribution Inc., Canada, 2015.


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