Finnish Immigration Concerns Lying Bastards Lying Muslims MUSLIM SETTLERS


Like I said, we have the same problem with these frauds as others do elsewhere in Europe.

refugee youths in finland with beards

Age-test results: 60 per cent of underage asylum seekers revealed to be adults

Yle says in the news that an age-test took place in Finland last year for 149 minor asylum seekers, of which 90 were found to be adults. Age testing made an assessment of teeth and bones of the hand and wrist.

Official sources told Finnish news broadcast last week that age-proof was made ​​last year for about 300-400 minor asylum seekers.

Full beard and gray hair

According to the Finnish Immigration Service Asylum Unit Director, Esko Repo , the age of minors are investigated if there are obvious grounds for the applicant because of physical attributes. According to him, these criteria can be having a full beard and gray hair.

Repo told Suomen Uutiset, that the forensic aging testing typically has a two-year slide.

– For example, the answer may be “not less than 17 years old but not more than 19-year-old.” For such a result the applicant is placed with minors seeking asylum. However, if the result is “at least 19 years of age”, is that clear and the applicant is placed in the reception center for adults.

In borderline cases the case is decided in favor of the applicant.



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