Benjamin Weinthal Islamic anti-Semitism


The overall message that needs to get out is the fact that, Hajj Amin El-Husseini, the late former mufti of Jerusalem was solely relying and acting upon canonical Islamic Jew hatred as shown by Dr.Andrew Bostom, in his personal jihad against the Jews. That’s the big picture here, and will always remain the big picture in their (Muslims) 1400 year jihad against the Jews.

NOTE: Weinthal also points out that German and Austrian politicians are busy slapping backs and pressing the flesh with known Holocaust deniers in Iran.

hajj amin al-husseini nazi mustard

Instead of using the mufti hullabaloo as a teaching moment, the White House press secretary said, “The inflammatory rhetoric needs to stop.”

Merkel’s spokesman airbrushed the mufti’s role: “All Germans know the history of the murderous race mania of the Nazis that led to the break with civilization that was the Holocaust. This is taught in German schools for good reason; it must never be forgotten…”

Netanyahu, Palestinian terrorism and the Holocaust

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