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Brought to you by, members of the ideology of eternal whining and bloodletting.


Reception Center emotions ran high – three men fought with bladed weapons

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There was a fight at the North Karelia Kontiolahti reception center between three men late on Thursday evening, the police say.

The fighting started between three 21 to 23-year-old Iraqi men and a fight and a sharp weapon was used. According to police the injuries were not serious, but one of the men had to go North Karelia Central Hospital to take care of his wound.

The police arrested  all three after the incident took place. The arrest went peacefully.

Police say they are investigating it as two cases of assault. According to the police, reception center staff or other residents were not in danger during the fight.

MTV3 H/T: Jukka Ketonen 

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  1. A deeper issue is present. It concerns the psychological maturity of the members of various cultures. In many respects the culture which has bred Islamism is immature and limited in its understanding of human possibilities and potentials. In my view, unless the idea of Cyclic Rebirth, or Reincarnation–so hated by those in the Muslim Faith–is given some serious philosophical and scientific attention, the reason for the clash of civilizations will not be properly understood. This, I realize, is not a politically popular point of view because it implies inequality of psychological development due to less incarnational experience. It will be furiously rejected by those who need most to understand it. Still, it is my view. The violence of what I would call ‘teen-age souls’ cannot, in my view, be completely understood otherwise. The principle of a hierarchy of cultural and religious development must be considered seriously, no matter how elitist it may seem I do not consider it elitist; I consider it metaphysically factual and holding an important key to the seeming inability of the Islamists to really understand themselves, their motives and their psychological/mental limitations.

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