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Recently the Tundra Tabloids was contacted by someone, a fellow immigrant, who happens to work within the ”refugee/asylum industry” in Finland. After sharing some recent experiences with me in a phone conversation, I persuaded this immigration worker to write down any or all observations and thoughts that came to mind.

  In addition to all of that, if the migrants want to start a hobby like going to the gym or anything that will keep them in good cheer, very obliging social workers will finance it for them at the taxpayers’ expense. For years and years the services of an interpreter will be required for any social or medical appointment that they will have. Not to mention an army of social workers are at their service and their salaries are all paid by the Finnish taxpayer.

     Now with all this pampering and largess are these migrants going to be of any use to the Finnish society in the end? Or will they even integrate and succeed and make a life that they can enjoy themselves? The answer is in the vast majority of cases, an emphatic NO!

Stefan from Helsinki

There are no easy solutions, and there is no easy way out! C’est la vie!

I have been working for more than a year in the notorious refugee/asylum industry in Finland which is at the moment one of the few places where people can find a job. I am myself of immigrant background so I am not without sympathy towards the plight of the people in the 3rd world. I myself have come to the West in 1990s perfectly legally, to study, and eventually ended up marrying a Finn and settled in Finland.

The reason I am speaking up is that I am worried sick about what is going to happen to my new country and to Europe in general! As a person who works in the refugee/asylum industry, and sees what is going on with my own eyes, I must say I am shocked and dismayed at how the authorities and the Media are lying to the Finnish people, about the costs of mass immigration and the kind of people that apply for asylum these days.

In these past few weeks already, I have seen an explosion taking place in the system! In one of Helsinki’s refugee centre’s the hall that used to be used for info. sessions and recreation for the refugees, now doubles as an extra dinning room and there are even many mattresses stacked in the corner which will be put down on the floor for the refugees to sleep on at nights. The centre is bursting at the seams. Everything has been grounded to a halt! The refugees have been informed that this autumn due to extreme crowdedness there will be no Finnish lessons offered for the newcomers. The system simply cannot cope with influx.

I have also witnessed all the male refugees in the new Evitskog centre. They have started their stay in that place by first dismantling a few of the smoke detectors so professionally that the alarm didn’t even go off!! I guess they did so in order that they can illegally smoke indoors. So far also a fire extinguisher has been stolen by them. The Afghan and Arab residents also don’t get along that well and although they haven’t had an outbreak of violence yet, they regularly quarrel however about not keeping the light-out rules and other camp rules.

In my conversations with the refugees I have understood that the vast majority of them have really no viable case as far as refugee laws go. Many of them don’t even come from places where a war is going on and all of them were already in a safe heaven before they set on this traitorous journey on unseaworthy boats to come to Europe, and all have passed through many many EU countries before coming here. The usual route is as follows:

Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and lastly Finland. I have tried very hard to get out of them why they left all these other countries, especially Sweden before they came here. None give a convincing answer. Many of them just say that in Sweden they have been told that if they are not under 18 years of age they better have a very strong case or else they will not receive asylum. So that seems to be the way the Swedes nudge them towards Finland. Many of them say they have been caught by the police in other EU countries before, but they didn’t fingerprint them and therefore they were free to come to Northern Europe and claim asylum here.

Quite many of them openly admitted to me that all their travel documents are fake and they paid thousands of dollars in order to obtain them from crooks. They also have paid thousands to the smugglers to transport them from Turkey to Greece and even some paid through the nose to crook “guides” within Europe who have guided them from Greece to Northern Europe! There is a very dark criminal and dangerous smuggling business associated with this refugee influx which none of the bleeding-heart Europeans and the Media wants to focus on! Who are these smugglers exactly? As far as I have understood they are all former immigrants themselves who run these operations, but still there is an element in this whole mess that I cannot understand. Who is financing the smuggling fees and the money for the faked documents for these 3rd world guys!

It has been estimated that it takes at least a few thousand dollars in order to make this journey and this money is quite a huge sum for anyone in the 3rd world, much more so for some of these types that I am witnessing more and more these days! They are usually semi literate or even illiterate in their own languages and barely have any skills at all and that means that most of them couldn’t do anything other than menial jobs in their own native homelands. It is virtually impossible to make the kind of money that is necessary to finance these trips by just doing menial jobs in the 3rd world. So they either were into drug dealing and into other shady and criminal businesses prior to coming here, or there are other nefarious sources who finance their trips for their own nefarious purposes. If I were a young journalist this would be something that I would look into.

I am also quite astonished at the childish, ridiculous and very deceptive “fact-checking” articles that now are appearing all over European Newspapers from the Guardian to Helsingin Sanomat, which try to fool the European native population into thinking that this massive influx of 3rd world immigrant is anything but a catastrophe! It is really funny how desperate they are to convince people not to believe their “lying eyes” but instead believe the journalists’ often non-sequitur number crunching! They try to fool the Europeans that all their rational and logical misgivings and fears of this alien population who is flooding into their homelands now are nothing but the result of their own prejudices and racism, which of course their “statistical analysis” will set straight.

I despise these liars, who always bring up irrelevant statistics to obscure the facts! For example in a recent article in the Finnish press they claimed that the refugees get only 300€ allowance each month which is no more than a needy Fin’s benefits. BS!!! These refugees not only get a 300€ (which they do not need since their room and board are all paid for separately through the camp system), all of their prescription drugs and even some of their non prescription drugs are paid for by the Finnish taxpayer. They also constantly require the services of an interpreter who is paid an hourly salary by the Finnish taxpayer. Quite a lot of their transport costs for official business is also paid by the Finnish taxpayer. They just have to present the tickets and the recedes to the refugee camp authorities and they will be compensated!

They also get medical services for free in Finland’s private Aava clinics. Even though on paper only their acute health problems are supposed to get medical attention, they always have access to a nurse’s services in the camp and often exaggerate their minor ailments so much that the camp authorities allow them to see a doctor. Even some get appointments with psychologists!

And this is only for the ones who have just arrived. In the catastrophic case that they get accepted and receive a residence permit then the expenses for the taxpayers will rise exponentially. Every months they visit their social workers for years to come and bring a stack of bills which the obliging social worker will receive and pay in full from the a´taxpayers wallet. They will receive up to 600€ for rent support, 400€ as money to live on, free Finnish language classes, 2000€ upon moving to their first apartment in order to buy furniture and dishes. I as a legal immigrant to Finland, and my spouse as a native Finn, who was a student at the time of the start of our lives together, never received this sort of support. NEVER!

In addition to all of that, if the immigrants want to start a hobby like going to the gym or anything that will keep them in good cheer, very obliging social workers will finance it for them at the taxpayers’ expense. For years and years the services of an interpreter will be required for any social or medical appointment that they will have. Not to mention an army of social workers are at their service and their salaries are all paid by the Finnish taxpayer.

Now with all this pampering and largess are these immigrants going to be of any use to the Finnish society in the end? Or will they even integrate and succeed and make a life that they can enjoy themselves? The answer is in the vast majority of cases an emphatic NO!

Even if they manage to someday learn some rudimentary Finnish, for sure they will not have enough time left to learn a proper and needed skill. We will never ever have enough jobs for them! Never! Besides how long do we think a person’s work-life span is? These men who come at the age of 30 and above will be close to their 50s before they can get integrated (if they manage that at all) and that leaves only a few years for them to do some menial jobs, which we do not even need, before they go on pension and yet again fall on the shoulder of the Finnish taxpayer!

So far I have concentrated on the really high costs of mass immigration for the European taxpayers. But there are those silly, mindless, knee-jerk, bleeding hearts amongst the Europeans who think that they and their compatriots should be ready to bare any cost and go through any hardship (even utter bankruptcy and the collapse of their economy and social system and social order) in order to accommodate and help the poor and the downtrodden of the world and help them make a “better life” for themselves.

Well…. They are wrong, and as usual their good intentions are achieving the exact opposite of what they are aiming for. Because apart from the unbearable strain that this will put on our social system, it will also squash these immigrants’ potential in life! In their own homeland, in the midst of their own language and culture and people, despite all the problems, they will have a much better chance of making something out of themselves. It is not that easy to start a new life and live in someone else’s country, even when you are pampered so much! People have ambitions in life and need to make something out of themselves and even though they might lie for a lifetime on the social services hammock, never the less they will know very well that their lives have been wasted and they will hate themselves for it and even will hate those who have provided the hammock for them.

The vast majority of the immigrants that I know, very soon after entering Finland feel a sharp disappointment. The reality of life in Northern Europe is like a slap in their faces. All their lives they lived in their countries dreaming of breaking free and coming to Europe. Instead of working hard and concentrating on building their lives in their native lands and making those countries better places to live, they have concentrated all their efforts on finding a way to get to Europe, their promise land, the land with rivers of milk and honey! They lived their lives in their homeland on a temporary footing and never spread their roots there. This false hope has brought them here. But now they see that the reality is so different. The vast majority of them don’t have and will never have the language skills and the necessary education to be anything but the Europeans’ toilet-cleaners, janitors, taxi drives and waiters. They will never be anything better that that here! Never!

The culture too, is so different, and the temperament of the Europeans is so different from what they are used to that they can’t even understand the people that are financing their living, even on a human level. Not to mention that the Northern European climate leaves a lot to hope for. Long and dark winters and the constant ice and snow sink them deeper and deeper into depression.

Most immigrants as soon as they arrive sink into such a deep depressions that they have to go on really heavy and debilitating drugs in order to be able to function on a very basic level. Insomnia and lack of appetite and despair grips them and take away their last chance of making a better life for themselves here. I have seen case after case after case in my short time in this business and I doubt that any of those who stay on these drugs for long periods of time can ever be rehabilitated properly into a working society. Many of these immigrants were very active and hardworking people in their homecountrsies and here, they will be reduced to leeches and chronically depressed shells of themselves who will never have the chance to fulfil their potentials as unique human beings!

It is cruel and wrong to give them a false hope of having a better life in the West which will lure them into this quagmire! If they come here for a better life they should be told the bitter truth that they will not have much chance of having a better life here in the current circumstances. They should be told the truth, not just upon arrival, but before they start to make the expensive and arduous journey away from their homelands and before they waste half of their youth in dreaming and planning to come to Europe, instead of organising their lives around building their future in their homelands. They should be told the truth before they leave the rest of their native society behind in dust and ashes while wasting a lot of the much needed dollars in their countries’ coffers on smugglers and criminals in Turkey, Libya and Europe. They should be told the truth that there is no paradise on this earth and if they want to make something out of themselves instead of becoming a bunch of chronically- depressed, drug-dependant, half-literate, welfare-dependant and much despised and unwanted shells of their former selves in Europe, they should stay in their homelands and build it to their liking. There are no easy solutions, and there is no easy way out! C’est la vie!

The Europeans should find the courage to tell them this truth! It is the right and loving thing to do! Who do you think they will blame and hate when all their pipe dreams of a fancy life in Europe are shattered??! The European people of course! And I cannot imagine a more eager group of people to jump forth and take the blame on themselves! Europeans always blame themselves for everything. Even the stupidity of these 3rd worlders who think just by relocating their problems en mass to Europe they will be able to solve them!

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  1. With all of this Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) it appears that the West is committing suicide.

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