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Refusenik towns block quota refugee settlement

The refugee crisis consuming Europe has brought the issue to the fore, but it has also focused attention on a long-standing issue. Finland allocates refugees to municipalities that want to take them—and while some take hundreds every year, others refuse to accommodate a single person fleeing persecution.

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Some of Finland’s 317 municipalities have never taken in a quota refugee, while some others have accommodated thousands over the years. That discrepancy is down to the voluntary nature of refugee settlement in Finland, which allows local councils to refuse any refugees at all if they don’t want to take any.

Finland’s refugee system is built on quotas, which allow UN-certified refugees to apply to be resettled in Finland. Those people have until recently outnumbered those who are granted asylum in Finland after applying on arrival. The refugees are selected while in UN camps abroad, then brought to Finland for a process of integration.

That process can only take place in municipalities which volunteer to receive refugees, and some are more willing than others. There are also vast regional differences, with some places—like South Ostrobothnia—very reluctant to bring in quota refugees.

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