Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism Israeli traitors


They’re not really NGO’s.

These are traitorous organizations bought and paid for by the PLO regime to pursue a de-legitimization campaign against the Jewish state of Israel on the international playing field.

They are not really NGO’s, but state financed agent provocateurs, who also receive funding from European governments to help demonize Israel under the thinly veiled guise of ”human rights” violations. It’s time to hold these governments, and the media who pimp their propaganda, accountable.

When the war broke out in July 2014, the Secretariat put out a call to its core grantees soliciting emergency funding requests. “The emergency funding call focused on activities related to monitoring and documentation of IHL [international humanitarian law] and human rights violations in the Gaza Strip, arising from the then ongoing war,” the report said. Requests were received from 11 organizations, including three Israeli ones, and the Secretariat decided to fund nine of them, including two Israeli groups – B’Tselem and BTS.

Who’s Funding Pro-Palestinian Israeli ‘Human Rights’ Groups?

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