How dare he list those who used a situation exclusively for their own political purposes, inciting the public to hate a politician (who they’ve demonized beyond all recognition) for speaking the truth about multiculturalism. How dare he.

I like the thought of slamming it back in their faces, both Putkonen and Immonen have nothing to apologize for, the political elite are there for all to see, from one side of the political spectrum to the other (an illusory one at that), they lock arms and goosestep against a man who is more articulate and thoughtful than any of them.

Politicians line up to ridicule and condemn Finns Party blacklist “farce”

Populist party accused of trying to silence critics by publishing a list of 13 prominent figures who have “bad-mouthed” the Finns Party during the past month’s racism row.

Matti Putkonen
Finns Party spokesman Matti Putkonen reads out the party’s blacklist of its critics to assembled media on Wednesday. Image: Yle

Politicians, journalists and academics named on a Finns Party blacklist have lined up to condemn – and ridicule – the populist party for an apparent attempt to silence its critics.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä on Thursday urged the second-largest party in his coalition to “put some ice in your hat”, a day after a Finns Party spokesman read out a list of 13 prominent figures whom he accused of “bad-mouthing” the party.

Speaking at the Centre Party’s summer conference, the Prime Minister advised the Finns Party to learn to accept criticism. “The alternative, and what I do personally,” he told delegates, laughing, “is to stop reading articles about yourself”.

Among the names read out on Wednesday by Matti Putkonen – a communications employee and self-styled “workman” of the Finns Party – were eight prominent politicians, including the former foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja, the head of the Green Party, Ville Niinistö, and the former finance minister Antti Rinne.

Putkonen accused the individuals on the blacklist of continuing to criticise the party – and specifically the MP Olli Immonen – even after Finnish police declared that a Facebook post by Immonen calling for his followers to fight against multiculturalism did not constitute incitement to racial hatred.


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