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Expert Iltalehti: Refugees controlled in nearby camps, no to EU countries

Alan Salehzadeh

Alan Salehzadeh also points out in a blog post that the authorities will find extremely difficult to check the backgrounds of the refugees. According to him, the future feels unsafe, if more Islamist elements settles to Europe.Press image

Migratory movement from the Middle East, Africa and Asia should be rather directed from EU countries, to high-quality refugee camps near countries of origin. So writes researcher Alan Salehzadeh in Iltalehti’s blog.

Salehzadeh writes that at the moment, all of the refugees coming to Europe came by way of smugglers. According to him, it is a common fact that is known by all the authorities.

That is why all of the refugees coming to Europe can not be the ones that war has worst effected. Salehzadeh pointed out that otherwise they could not afford to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers.


“It would be a lot cheaper”

Salehzadeh points out that if it so wished, the international community would have the resources for the proper living arrangement in peaceful surrounding areas of the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts.

He believes that quality refugee camps in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman could be arranged, funded by the international community.

– It will be considerable cheaper than the integration of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, he writes.

According to Salehzadeh, the camps would ensure that the weakest would have access to safety.

– Refugees are able to speak Arabic, so it is much easier for them to integrate into the local society and to enter the labor market, and would not have to start from scratch. In addition, the growth centers such as Dubai, would have a wealth of immigrant labor, so many refugees could find suitable work, he writes.

– I believe that people prefer to live in a safe, high-quality camp as well, than risk their lives on rickety boat toward an uncertain future. I hope that the problem of the refugees would be reacted to quickly. It is not yet too late.

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  1. “..He believes that quality refugee camps in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman could be arranged, funded by the international community…

    Exactly – but Saudi or any of those rich arab countries want Europe to absorb literally millions of unassimilable , undocumented, possibly disease carrying irate muslims with zero European language skills. It makes their dreams of the eventual islamic takeover of Europe much easier.

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