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The invitation of Paul Weston to speak by the organizers of the upcoming mo-toon event in the UK, has raised major flak, with many wanting to ban Paul from speeking there. Over at Harry’s Place the issue was taken up in a ”defence of Paul Weston” post.

Vive Charlie Respond To Criticism About Paul Weston

This is a cross-post by John Sargeant at homo economicus

Vive Charlie 19th issue responds to criticism of Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, being invited to the Mohammed Cartoon event as a guest speaker. They confirmed they were “happy” for him to speak. This was at odds with the hopes of one of their contributors who hoped they would express their disgust. As I mentioned prior to the 19th issue…..

In reading the comments to the blog, I came across a comment worth disseminating further, that captures in essence the choice people have to make if they want to continue living in a free, pluralistic democracy.

NOTE: Muslims do not come with a bar code that can be scanned for their real views at any given moment, they demand to be taken at face value, all the while their belief system allows for lying to the non-believer in the advancement of Islamic goals.

Commentor NickG to Sarka

”I actually think a bar on anyone holding public office by reason of religious affiliation (how would one define “Muslim” in this context in this context anyway?) is both in-principle and in-practice incompatible with a liberal democracy…”

Yup I agree – multiculturalism or liberal democracy – pick one?

I choose liberal democracy. This can only work properly in so far as it is assented to by a broad consensus, across a critical mass of the population.

The viability and quality of a liberal democracy – and all that this implies in terms of tolerance, free expression, free enquiry, and much else besides – is down to who you have in that population.

This has been bought home to us all starkly during our interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and the questionable results we have had bringing them any kind of facsimile of democracy.

The tribal ethnocentrism of the human condition should have been driven home by our experience in India, (Enoch Powell served in the Intelligence Corps in India from 43 to 45 or 46, and this profoundly informed his views) Northern Ireland, and latterly, by the break up of the Soviet Union and Balkanisation of Yugoslavia (though I may be guilty of something approaching tautology on that last one!).

This is a large part of why it’s critical to control who gets to make up the population. And the harsh truth is that not all demographics are the same, or interchangeable (despite this being an almost religious article of faith on the left).

We can see clearly, that in aggregate, Muslims are especially problematic. This is the case all over the World and has been for a very long time.

Vilifying Weston for pointing this out more directly and pugnaciously than many nice liberals and neo-puritans feel comfortable with, is not going to make the problem go away.

The worse thing to do would be to try to limit the Overton window to shut out his views – it ironically also concedes his point. Concern over the effects of mass immigration is arguably the biggest single issue in British politics*.

As a rider, it’s interesting that the mods at HP have allowed Paul Weston to post here on HP, and to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t been banned (mods – has he?) and has always been reasonably civil.

That’s the right approach.

* 76% want immigration reduced, 4% wanted it increased. 14% want it unchanged.

50% chose immigration as the most important issue facing them and their family – higher than the economy (46%) and the Health Service (42%). Immigration has led or tied this in You Gov’s poll for the past year.

Poll summary Migration Watch.

H/T: Gaia

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