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And the collection of Leftist race baiting, discrimination hawkers (miscreants and malcontents) will shout ”self-hating immigrant”!

Truth be told, I can attest to the very same sentiments (in varying amounts) offered by Deeana Lehtinen. I came to Finland from the States, not for economic reasons (Finland was at the cusp of a major recession at the time) but because of my wife and her extended family.

No one talked about ”multiculturalism” at the time, it was more or less the melting pot ethic, learn the language, find work, learn the customs and traditions, and if of one’s own choosing, celebrate your ethnic heritage if you care to do so. Immigration was managed, and integration leading to assimilation the desired goal.

What in the world is wrong with that?

umayya-abu-hanna1No, what’s taking place today is the rise of the miscreant/malcontent class of Leftist thugs who want to control the debate and policies of the country in order to control the people.

Creating angst and envy they rule by ”divide and rule”, pitting one sector of society against the other in terms of prized privilege, and only to be dumped later on when a new group takes the cherished prize.

What takes place is a reversion back to the balkanization of society, pre-modern nation state tribalism, with the lords and ladies of multiculturalism ruling over us. What’s happening in Finland now, was percolating throughout the EU first.

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You can’t talk about real discrimination in Finland

I moved from Romania to Finland a few years ago. Recently, I read a lot of media about discrimination and racism. Does anyone any longer make sense here?

I have traveled a lot and I can certainly say, that in Finland, you can not speak about discrimination or racism. Maybe some of Finns are tired, frustrated and even angry because domestically, each new entrant or minority does what it wants. This is a natural reaction, and not discrimination.

Despite the background everyone in Finland has more rights than almost anywhere else. Sometimes I feel like that is an advantage to belong to a minority, because you’ll get more rights than ordinary Finns. For Finns this creates counter-reactions.

My husband commutes a long distance to work and works a lot, so that we have what an ordinary person needs in life. I am an immigrant and I am wholeheartedly grateful to the Finnish State. And, like me, there are also others who understand that Finland is a paradise compared to other countries.

However, no one asks us anything. All kinds of crazies are presented in the media.

Those talking about discrimination are often the ones who take advantage of the generosity of Finland. Those, who do not want to be employed and pay tax and who forget that, in their own country they did not have anything, and have a good life offered to them here.

In Finland there is security, integrity, justice, and good social services. Everyone receives daily food and a roof over their heads. For us immigrants, the Finnish government provides free education and a lot of help to adjust here. Our children will go to one of the best schools in the world.

Isn’t it a little ungrateful to talk about discrimination in a place like this? When I came to Finland, I found it difficult to make friends and to adapt, and sometimes it’s still the case. However, it is not discrimination. The Finns are shy, retreating, distant and sometimes cold, but no one should say that they are discriminatory.

Immigrants often long for their own country so much that they will remember only the romantic and decorated things from their homeland and not why they left. Although sometimes we miss our home country, it is not reasonable or correct to try to make Finland a new Afghanistan, Iran, Greece, Romania, Russia and so on.

Although I love my country, I wouldn’t like Finland to become the new Romania. We came to Finland because it is for us and our children a better place than our home country .

If there is discrimination and racism here, why go anywhere else? I hope that Finns will not allow this good country to be changed into something else.

I also hope that the media will do a better research and ask the opinions of everyone, not just the chronically dissatisfied. When you only allow one sided views on certain matters to be understood, even for someone who would never have thought of before, that there is discrimination, then they begin to think that its’s pretty bad here after all.

I think it’s wrong to offer such an image based on nothing, because it gives a distorted image. I wrote this because I want to remind other immigrants to be realistic and grateful.

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