And sanctimonious Dutch politicians dare look at Israel with contempt?

Research Institute: Investigate the War in Indonesia

Gert Oostindie, director of the Royal Institute for the Knowledge of Language, Land, and People (KITLV) has said that the Netherlands should order a major and systematic investigation of the largest war it has ever carried out, the Colonial War, which led to Indonesian independence in 1948.

During that conflict thousands of Dutch soldiers and civilians were killed and about 100,000 Indonesians. Oostindie said that while there have been major investigations of the Second World War and the Dutch involvement in Srebrenica, never has there been such an investigation of the Indonesian Colonial War.

There are indications of large-scale war crimes. Oostindie added that it may well be that the whole issue has been covered up by politicians in order to avoid damage to the image of the Netherlands. An important question is whether the violence was systematic. Recently a list was found in the National Archives of victims of executions in the southern part of the Indonesian island which nowadays is called Sulawesi.


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  1. When dealing with savages nobody comes out with clean hands. I know this from my relatives who were fighting in the Algerian war. The French did what needed to be done, and the Muslims did what they always do. Those who are not prepared to fight them with their own methods should get out of the way or let those who can get on with the job. Dealing with Koranimals is not a squabble among gentlemen.

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