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What a comfort, it’s not quit like Baghdad yet.

But The Local wants you to know that there is much more to it than squalid camps overflowing with feces.

NOTE: My father during WW II bombed the crap out of Calais in a ruse/deception campaign to force the Nazis into believing that the land invasion would take place there. Now it’s the scene of a real invasion, of the UK and being bombed once again, with real crap. The irony of it all.

Calais: A ‘dying’ city but not quite like Baghdad

Calais: A 'dying' city but not quite like Baghdad

Migrants’ tents lined up alongside the water underneath the shadow of the Belfry. Photo: AFP

Published: 14 Aug 2015 14:30 GMT+02:00

Calais was once known as a cultural hotspot in northern France, with a five-kilometre beach that beckoned visitors to stay rather than pass through.
Now, tourists are being warned to close their car windows and lock their doors as they drive past.
So what went wrong?
For almost 20 years, the city has increasingly acted as a gateway for thousands of migrants and refugees from all over the world desperate to get across the English Channel to the UK.
NOTE II: But wait, I thought the refugee business would be a gold mine for the locals, at least that’s the message moronic politicians and the administrative state are pimping.

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