Finland Refugees


And the open borders nut-job Left wants the flow to continue.

boat peopleAll this on top of a flat lining Finnish economy, with zero growth and a growing public debt that many in government want to expand based on debunked Keynesian economic theories.

Overflowing refugee centres

Finland’s largest circulation daily, Helsingin Sanomat reports that refugee reception centres throughout Finland are now filled to beyond capacity.

While during the whole last year, 3,651 people applied for asylum in Finland, as of last week this year’s figure had already risen to over 4,800. In the past three weeks alone, an addition 1,300 asylum seekers have arrived in the country.

The paper quotes the director of the Immigration Service’s reception centre unit, Jorma Kuuluvainen, as saying that the situation in July came as a complete surprise and the numbers have continued rising.

Because of overcrowding at reception centres in Helsinki, some refugees have been transferred to emergency housing in nearby Kirkkonummi. Some asylum seekers have also been housed in city hostels in the capital.

The largest numbers of asylum seekers are from Iraq. Many are also from Somalia and Afghanistan.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the Immigration Service’s reception unit carried out an evaluation of the need for housing capacity at the beginning of the summer, with a view to opening new reception centres in late August or early September. The surprisingly large influx seen in recent weeks has now forced officials to move their timetable forward.

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