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The question remains, why are they just threatening?

Do you remember a time when ”asylum” pertained to political refugees fleeing tyranny in communist states?

Norway to deport or jail rioting asylum children

Norway to deport or jail rioting asylum children

Two of the rioters at Lunner reception centre after being handcuffed by police. Photo: Torstein Boe / NTB scanpix

Published: 12 Aug 2015 09:45 GMT+02:00

The 20 youths last week barricaded themselves inside the gym at the Lunner Reception Center, throwing stones at police in protest at the decision to move one of the youths — who police believed had lied about his age, and was in fact over 18.
“It will probably have consequences for their residency permit assessment,” Jøran Kallmyr, from Norway’s Ministry of Justice told NTB newswire about the protest. “As we saw at Lunner if can be difficult to deal with young people who are seeking asylum alone. It may turn out that a person isn’t under 18 and should perhaps be returned.”
Save the Children accused Kallmyr, who is from the anti-immigration Progress Party, of seeking to demonize the children.
“It’s kind of horrible what they’re planning. These people are just children and they haven’t really received any treatment for traumatic experiences,” said Karoline Steen Nylander, the charity’s press spokesman.

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