Finland Racism


This is the work of real neo-nazis (leftist racist ultra-nationalists).

No one in the fake media has shown the offending banner/bedsheet, so we of course have to use our imaginations.

Police may have to return racist banner

Police are investigating whether a racist banner seized Thursday at a site near a highway in the Tampere region constitutes a prosecutable offense. If it is not determined to be violation of the law, they may have to return it. The City of Tampere says that if the banner reappears, it will be removed.

Rikoskomisario Juha Myllymäki.
Police Inspector Juha Myllymäki says that it is being determined if the banner and its racist message constitute a criminal offense. Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle

The neo-Nazi “Finnish Resistance Movement” claim they put up the banner which describes people on the other side of the Mediterranean as “animals”.

Although far enough off the road not to contravene traffic regulations, police removed the banner on Thursday, which it turns out was set up without permission on land owned by the City of Tampere and without the knowledge of city officials.

Central Finland Police are now investigating whether the racist message constituted grounds for prosecution. According to Inspector Juha Myllymäki, police are looking at how to deal with the incident.

“The police made the decision to remove the banner and now it is being determined if it constitutes a criminal offense. We are examining what offense it may constitute and we will possibly be cooperating with the public prosecutor,” Myllymäki told Yle.

If it is determined that no crime was committed, the police will have to return the banner to the site where it was found. If this happens, the City of Tampere has pledged to remove it if it goes back up.

Vesa Puuronen, a researcher in racism at the Univeristy of Oulu, told the Tampere-based newspaper Aamulehti that even though the message on the banner is racist, he does not believe that it crossed the threshold to being a prosecutable offense.


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