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Sanctimonious blowhards

Leftist daughter of rocker Ozzie Osborn, Kelly, tries to prove her leftist credentials by slamming Donald Trump over his views on illegal migration, and ends up being slammed by another panel member of Latino heritage (who took to the opportunity of beefing up her own leftist credentials) because Kelly didn’t form her words well enough, which of course was some form of ”subconscious racism”.

U.S. Democrats and GOP RINOS have basically said the very same thing as Kelly, ”who is going to do the jobs that most Americans won’t do, if we stop the flow of illegals into the country?” It’s totally a false claim, the overwhelming majority of workers in these low paying jobs are in fact, U.S. citizens.

But because she (Kelly) mentioned toilets and Latinos in the same breath, well, that was just too much for the sanctimonious lefties to handle, and the room exploded. The leftist social media is still hyperventilating over it, though the very premise, that immigrants do most of the jobs U.S. citizens won’t do, is made up from whole cloth, meant to sway people into forming an uneducated opinion based on complete nonsense.

NOTE: Future generations will look back at this one as the most asinine modern generation ever.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Kiss my a**!’ Rosie Perez QUITS The View early in heated spat with ABC execs after being forced to apologize over her anger at Kelly Osbourne’s racist Latino remark


  • During a Hot Topics segment about Donald Trump’s poll numbers with Latinos, Kelly Osbourne infuriated Rosie Perez 
  • Kelly asked: ‘If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?’
  • She then became hysterical during a commercial break and wept over fears she’ll now be seen as a racist
  • ABC execs cornered Rosie during the break and demanded she apologize to Kelly in the last segment of the live broadcast 
  • At the end of the show, Rosie bolted to her dressing room and had no further interaction with Kelly, a source told Daily Mail Online
  • ABC execs argued with Rosie and forced her to tweet an apology to Kelly
  • Rosie declared she was ‘done with this f****** show’ and told the executives ‘kiss my a**’ before storming out
  • She did not show up for Wednesday and Thursday’s live broadcasts

Rosie Perez canceled her last appearances on The View after being forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne for her anger at her co-star’s racist remark about Latinos, Daily Mail Online can reveal exclusively today.

Rosie refused to turn up for her two, final live shows last week and skipped several, pre-taped appearances after having an intense blow-up with ABC executives over Kelly’s on-air comment.

Kelly, 30, caused outrage after asking: ‘If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?’ during a Hot Topics segment about Donald Trump’s poll numbers within the community last Tuesday.

A silence fell over the studio audience as other co-hosts were clearly taken aback. After a pause, Rosie, who has Puerto Rican heritage, mumbled: ‘Oh, that’s not… oh, no!’ and shook her head in disbelief.

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