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All in the pursuit of nirvana.

It’s a fact that more people could be helped closer to their homeland, than bringing them all here and bankrupting the nation and driving it into complete chaos. Those who are driving these dangerous policies are of the utopian mindset and have to be removed from power by the voter.

Dutch refugee centres overflowing as housing supply dries up


terraced houses

Dutch refugee centres overflowing as housing supply dries up Society August 6, 2015    There is a growing shortage of accommodation in asylum seekers centres in the Netherlands and a lack of starter homes for refugees with a temporary residence permit, broadcaster Nos says on Thursday.

Over the past five years, the number of refugees who are entitled to a home has risen from 5,300 to over 12,000 but they continue to occupy places at centres because there is nowhere else for them to live.

Some 27,000 people currently live in refugee centres, the highest figure in 10 years.

Around one-third of the refugees in the Netherlands have a family member who is already here.

‘That means we have to find accommodation for not just one person, but an additional three or four,’ Jan Stalman, spokesman for refugee settlement agency COA told the Nos.

Read more at DutchNews H/T: Fjordman

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