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Of course he didn’t cross any criminal line. Sheeeesh

Police: Far-right MP’s comments didn’t cross criminal threshold

The National Bureau of Investigation only considered Finns Party MP Olli Immonen’s statements, not any possible links to a riot a week later by a neo-Nazi group with whom Immonen posed earlier in the summer.

Immonen minuutissa.
Immonen set off a heated debate with his July 24 statement. Image: Yle

The National Bureau of Investigation said on Thursday that it will not launch a criminal investigation into an incendiary Facebook post by Finns Party MP Olli Immonen that sparked demonstrations around Finland.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tero Haapala of the NBI said Immonen’s rant against multiculturalism and its supporters did not cross the line to meet the definition of any particular crime such as incitement against an ethnic group.

In Immonen’s English-language statement on July 24, he called on his “fellow fighters” to “defeat this nightmare of multiculturalism” and to “fight until the end for our homeland” while bursting “this ugly bubble that our enemies live in”.

Clarifications rule out suspicions

In a statement on Thursday, Haapala pointed out that Immonen did not specify any particular target. Furthermore, says Haapala, the lawmaker’s later writings “clarify the content and limit the interpretation” of his original statement.

KRP notes the following clarifications provided by Immonen as he faced a firestorm of public debate over his post:

– “As some kind of national romanticist, I am accustomed to using bombastic words.”

– “As a member of the Finnish parliament, I fight for my goals always and only through political means, the democratic path.”

– “I oppose violence in all of its various forms.”

Haapala argues that these additional statements in particular rule out criminal suspicions.

No probe of possible riot link

Three private individuals from various parts of Finland had filed requests for criminal investigations.

Haapala only considered Immonen’s statements, not any possible links to a rally-turned-riot staged a week later by the neo-Nazi group the Finnish Resistance Movement, with whom Immonen posed for photographs earlier in the summer. Five members of the group – as well as two members of an allied Swedish organization – are under arrest on suspicion of beating three people in Jyväskylä.

Immonen’s posting spurred pro-diversity, anti-racism demonstrations in various cities on July 28, including one that drew an estimated 15,000 people in Helsinki.

YLE (state arm of the status quo ruling elite)

NOTE: His factual statements were used by his political opponents to churn of 10 000 or so leftists into the streets of Helsinki that’s already teeming with such types.

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