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I should have know that Bäckman was behind the story in the EU Reporter that was eventually shelved by the editor and an apology issued to Immonen himself.

But of course the bigger question remains, when will the Finnish political, media and academy offer it’s apologies to Olli Immonen for twisting his words (written in English) into Finnish. For accusing him of using ”military” terminology in a political speech that the Finnish Left (and regular fare in US political rhetoric) uses regularly and with impunity?

Johan Bäckman is a Russophile Finnish docent who has made it his mission to smear Finland in the international media, especially in the Russian media, in much the same way as anti-Israel Jews try to do the same to the Jewish state any which way they can. That is how to understand Johan Bäckman. In my opinion, he’s a complete nut.

Johan Bäckman.  Photo: Lehtikuva / Jussi Nukari

Docent Bäckman writing Immosesta confused Brussels

Dozens of articles were published in Brussels about ​​Olli Immonen  titled: “Finnish politician proposes to repeat Breivik’s terrorist attacks.” The author is revealed to be Adjunct Professor Johan Bäckman.

The text which was translated into Finnish states as follows: “The Finnish right-wing extremist MP Olli Immonen of the nationalist True Finns party, recently proposed violent attacks against the multicultural community and to build a ”new real Finnish nation,” He dated the Facebook notification on the anniversary of Breivik’s terrorist attack. Immonen also appeared in the public eye as a complete Breivik.. fax, notification caused a huge scandal -. a protest of tens of thousands of people will be held today in Helsinki. Immonen’s provocation could lead to the breakup of The Finns Party or their transition to the opposition”.

The writing was published at the EU Reporter , Brussels, a site specializing in EU affairs.

Several people in Finland got a hold of the editor and told us that the writing does not correspond to reality.

The writing had arrived under a name The sender was Johan Bäckman, RISI (the Russian Strategic Research Institute).

Associate Professor Johan Bäckman’s Russian Comments has attracted attention to the  Helsinki-based social scientist.

Bäckman’s info had passed to the EU Reporter publisher-supplier via web editor Colin Stevens, James Drew, which transferred to the news network where it was translated into dozens of European languages.

After that from comments in Finland  Drew began to find out the details of the writing.

– Reader feedback will not always be able to counted on and Bäckman gave insurances of the story’s accuracy. First, we added the name of the author, Bäckman, to the story, in the end, we removed the whole thing when Immonen FB-writing details arrived to us, told Drew.

The story had time to be the EU Reporter’s top stories for a couple of days.

– I am very sorry that this writing we went straight through. Now in its place is an apology. I apologize to Olli Immonen and also to all of the Finns, said James Drew.


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