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If there is any reason given to end publicly funded state TV, at least the news media portion of the enterprise, this is it.

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, not only do they (the iron triangle of the status quo political elite, media and academy) promote these ideologically driven policies, but they then deny that they are not the product of an ideology at all, ”it’s a fact”, and smear those who call it out for what it is.

What an idiotic statement, multiculturalism isn’t ideology based, it’s just a fact”. When I moved here from the U.S. 28 years ago, multiculturalism was not even in the public lexicon, it only came into use a mere 10 or so years ago. What this academic is describing now, and attaching ”multiculturalism to it, is just plain ”melting pot” immigration policy that mirrors that of the US.

These academics and state bureaucrats, along with the media and hack politicians are the worst of the worst, they are both ignoramuses and devious at the same time, and foist their bubble-like echo chamber bull crap on the rest of society.

Researcher: Populists use misleading immigration language to their advantage

In her study of incidents of racism, sociologist Anna Rastas has has come across multiple examples of purposely confusing terms associated with immigration in order to drive political and social agendas. Politicians in particular are guilty of utilizing racist sentiment to gain power, she says. Finland’s Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä agrees.

Anna Rastas ja Kirsi Pimiä.
Sociologist and author Anna Rastas and Non-Discrimation Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä. Image: Yle

The topics of multiculturism and what it means to be Finnish have been discussed widely in Finland of late, after a Facebook comment from a sitting parliamentarian that was widely interpreted to be racist. Finland’s Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä and sociologist and writer Anna Rastas appeared on television Thursday to offer their take on the issue.

“Multiculturalism is not an ideology, it is a fact,” say Kirsi Pimiä, Finland’s first-ever Non-Discrimination Ombudsman.

[TT: BULLCRAP, it’s the product of statist run government ideologically supportive of group rights and identity politics at the expense of the individual. Full stop. That’s ideology driven, utopian, meaning, not based upon human experience, reason and rational thinking.]

Finland approved a new Non-Discrimination Act in 2014, which entered into force at the start of this year. One result of the reform was that the Ombudsman for Minorities was replaced by a Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, who is empowered to consider a broader range of discrimination issues and advance equality in Finland.

“Most of us understand the concept of multiculturalism to mean that we possess a wide range of cultures and languages and colours. This has always been the case in Finland,” she says.

[TT: Here she describes what existed before cultural marxist thinking came into play, before entering the statist driven EU. Pimiä is the one who doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Again, what existed before Finland got really involved with the EU (radically influenced by it)was the melting pot, after getting entangled in that tar baby, we’re now dealing with it’s multicultural ideology that has come here to roost. What an idiot.]

The interviewees say that behind the misunderstanding is a mixing up of terms and concepts – on purpose.

“Many Finns Party representatives talk about the ideology or politics of multiculturalism,” says Rastas, a sociologist and non-fiction author. “But multicultural politics only exists if that is what an issue is named. Tax money being used to fund activities for minorities could be called multicultural politics.”

[TT: The art of playing semantics. They themselves, due to ideological reasons, are playing fast and loose with terms, shifting them this way and that to confuse the listener. It’s typical leftist schadenfreude to sit there and pontificate knowing full well that you have the full weight of the state behind you, that your full of crap, and that many people are going to be hurt by all these destructive policies.]

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