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Like I said earlier about McCain: ”What a traitor, don’t remind me of his military record anymore, even Benedict Arnold had one.

Now here’s Diana West’s take, which I agree with.

Trump, Lies and Videotape

JUL19 Written by: Diana West

Watch the video

Read Sharyl Attkisson’s Fact Check.

Donald Trump has absolutely nothing to apologize for, even before we turn our attention to all of the noxiously fake concern currently being avowed by the Establishment-Political-Media-Complex for the plight of the American POW as exemplified by Sen. John McCain — who himself has done more than anyone to cover up the plight of American POWs who did not return home!

In other words, where was all of this now-pained, -etched, and -so-serious concern for POWs then?

Nowhere. It just wasn’t a useful mechanism of the political agenda. Today, that agenda is to Get Trump, and by any means necessary. Even by making and blowing things up, drenching them in crocodile tears, hoisting an American flag over the steaming mess, and saying Trump, the candidate leading the way on a real border, immigration control, and maybe even survival as a nation, “crossed the line” and, thus, according to the Establishment-Political-Media-Complex, is out.



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  1. Perhaps the Beltway RINOs are just insecure about their own longevity. Best to hang on to the status quo. The last thing we want is people telling the truth.

    Oh but wait, Clinton et al don’t like his tone? So tone is what matters?

    Personally I think its so refreshing to hear a man speak out without fear or favour.

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