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Future generations will come to loathe this one.

No society is guaranteed to exist in perpetuity. Screwing their own citizens appears to the high moral ground these days, as lawmakers agree to spread other people’s wealth around in ways unseen in the history of humankind.

Placing them in temporary camps near their countries, and supplying them with aid to tied them over till the fighting ceases helps far more people than bringing individual migrants to Europe which costs the average taxpayer far more than the aid sent aboard. This is pure insanity.

The two countries had a duty “to offer a dignified welcome to those with refugee status,” Cazeneuve said.

NOTE: Colonization in reverse.

France agrees to take in thousands of migrants

France agrees to take in thousands of migrants

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve meets migrants in Calais. Photo: AFP

Published: 10 Jul 2015 09:43 GMT+02:00

France and Germany agreed Thursday to accept some 21,000 asylum-seekers and refugees as part of EU efforts to deal with the flood of migrants seeking refuge from conflicts across North Africa and the Middle East.

EU leaders agreed last month to take in 60,000 people over the next two years but on a voluntary basis after many member states objected strongly to proposed mandatory quotas.

The figures comprise 40,000 Syrian and Eritrean asylum-seekers already in Europe who will be redistributed across the 28-nation bloc plus another 20,000 Syrians in camps overseas.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his German counterpart Thomas De Maiziere announced that France would take 9,100 and Germany 12,100.

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  1. And once France has accepted them, they will allow them to camp near Calais, and then claim that the British should be responsible for solving the resulting problem.
    But no, that will not do. In this case the French caused the problem by accepting them, France should solve the problem.
    Just like all those in UK who say UK should take immigrants, but do not themselves accept the consequences, stupidly ignoring the costs to the country, especially its poor and powerless.

    1. i agree in part, but since there is freedom of movement in EU member states, france’s problem becomes all of ours. the best way to deal with the migrant problem is what the Aussies have done, turn the boats away.

  2. Don’t want to prejudge these people, but let’s see how dignified their behavior is over the next decade.

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