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Nationalist gains as Moderates dip in polls

Nationalist gains as Moderates dip in polls

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Akesson at Almedalen. Photo TT

Published: 09 Jul 2015 07:56 GMT+02:00

The poll, for which more than 1250 people were asked who they would choose if there was a parliamentary election last week, suggests that the nationalist Sweden Democrats are now supported by 18.7 percent of voters.

This represents a jump of 3.0 percent on the last survey carried out by the same pollsters, Demoskop, for Sweden’s newspaper Expressen a month ago.

Sweden’s largest opposition party the Moderates – who led the previous government – saw its support drop by 3.0 points over the same period.

The poll also suggests a slight dip in support for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrat party, but very small gains for their coalition partner, the Greens.

The smallest party in the Swedish parliament, the centre right Christian Democrats saw its support rise by 0.5 percent.

Demoskop interviewed a random section of people across the country between July 1st to July 7th as Sweden’s political conference week, Almedalen took place on the island of Gotland. All of Sweden’s parties were given one day to dominate the agenda, culminating in a keynote speech on the stage in Almedalen park, in the medieval city of Visby.

More than 20,000 political campaigners, journalists, councillors, lobbyists and business people attended the event, which was covered in detail by The Local.

The political festival saw the nationalist Sweden Democrats attempt to broaden their agenda by focussing on children’s policies as well as cutting immigration.

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  1. 18,7% is a good figure. I don’t know, maybe the Swedes are just too late this time. It may not help them anymore to save their cultural heritage when there are more than 5% of Muslims in there. And yeah, it’s not the Muslims who are the real problem – it’s the main stream Liberal Fascists, big-government commies who offer the voters a chance to rob other people’s money by “taxation”.

  2. Muslims are a real problem – main stream liberal fascists don’t breed in such large number – and even they don’t think they ow the whole world and it owes them a living…. well, not to the same extent that muslims do anyway.

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