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The sick ambitions of a caliphate bent on carnage: Chilling map predicts where ISIS will seize new land, strike the West with ‘lone wolf attacks’ and awaken ‘sleeper cells’… all before the end of Ramadan

Map predicts where ISIS will seize new land and strike the West before Ramadan's end

ISIS will mark the holy month of Ramadan by launching terror attacks against the West and activating ‘terror cells’ in the Middle East, respected terrorism analysts have said. The Institute for the Study of War correctly predicted ISIS would execute a ‘mass casualty attack’ in Tunisia before gunman Seifeddine Rezgui slaughtered 38 people (top right) on Friday.

It also said ISIS would target Shia holy sites in the Middle East to spark sectarian war before the extremists carried out a suicide bomb attack at a Shia mosque in Kuwait on Friday – killing 27 innocent worshipers. It says the ISIS rampage continue will continue throughout Ramadan because ‘death this month is considered more valuable than in other months’.

ISW says the terror group has already announced Western nations like the UK, France, Spain and Italy as its next targets. And it expects ISIS to create havoc in south-east Asia by awakening ‘sleeper cells’ in Muslim-majority countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Other nations spanning the globe – such as Greece, Romania and Australia – are at risk of deadly ‘surprise attacks’.

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