Islamic misogyny ISLAMIC STATE Rape


And for women married to Islam 101’ers (basic Islam), ”marriage” is in fact a form of prostitution/rape.

Your wives are a tilth for you; so approach your wives when and how you like but take heed of your ultimate future; and fear God and know that you shall meet Him; and give good tidings to those who obey [Quran 2:223]

The sex slaves of slaughter city: Girls as young as NINE are forced to have sex with ISIS jihadis who treat them as a sick reward for savagery 

Girls as young as nine forced to have sex with ISIS jihadis in Syria

ANDREW MALONE: Raqqa is the epicentre of global Islamic terror, a place where the barbarism of Islamic State fighters (top) is matched only by the sophistication of its ideologues in using social networking to recruit Muslims from across the world to their ’cause’. This is the hellish city to which the three Dawood sisters, who vanished from Bradford after telling their families they were on an Islamic pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, are now said to be heading with their nine children, aged between 15 and three. Women who have escaped Raqqa, having gone there willingly in the belief they would marry and look after one fighter, have told how they were used as prostitutes (bottom). One woman said she was forced to sleep with up to 100 fighters.

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