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Outrageously brazen.

Up you go! Boy of just 10 helped onto Calais lorry bound for Britain by his brother to start a new life by himself as shock figures show number of stowaways to the UK has surged by 200 per cent

Boy helped onto Calais lorry bound for Britain as number of stowaways to UK surges by 200%

Wedged between a lorry cab and trailer, a ten-year-old boy peeks out to say farewell to his brother before attempting to smuggle himself into Britain (pictured right). Aman Facih from Eritrea was one of hundreds of migrants in Calais who tried to sneak onto Dover bound trucks queuing for the Channel Tunnel yesterday. He was squeezed into the gap (left and centre) by his 17-year-old brother Daniel – his only living relative – who had vowed to get him to the UK before making the journey himself. His desperate attempts to reach the UK are just one example of the explosion of activity at Calais which has contributed to a 200 per cent rise in stowaways to Britain.

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  1. First, these are not migrants. They are people who have forcefully breached the borders of Britain or Europe to settle, and then colonise Europe. As such they are invaders, and should be repelled with force if necessary, just as any invader.

    Second, a majority of these so-called migrants are Muslims. Once they have settled in Europe, and the danger of deportation is gone, they, or their numerous descendents, will wage Jihad on Britain.

    Our leaders are betraying the greatest civilisation that was created, as if it was their’s to give away.

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