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Of Agitators and Cover-Ups

Diana WestSunday, June 21, 2015 6:35 AM

About this illustration: A non-exhaustive Internet search indicates that the illustration (above) may well be the cover of a 1960 comic book for Catholic schools published by the Catechetical Guild. Whatever it is, the cartoon beautifully captures a conventional fallacy regarding the Cold War: namely, that while “domino”-nations fell to Communism the world over, the good ship USA remained secure, fighting off the external foe. Even if the USA is headed toward the “Red Iceberg” in the picture, Uncle Sam and the republic are still the same as ever. Sure, a single Hiss or a pair of Rosenbergs might pop up from time to time, but, systemically speaking, Communist subversion, Communist influence, are what happened Over There. Not here. Never here.

American Betrayal, of course, argues that the evidence overwhelmingly reveals this idea to be so much “court history” in critical need of revision.

Allen Weinstein, renowned expert on Soviet espionage in America and co-author of the landmark study, The Haunted Wood, died this week. He was 77.

Bernie Reeves, founder of the Raleigh Spy Conference, notes that Weinstein’s role (with CIA Director John Deutsch) in presiding over a 1996 conference sponsored by the CIA and the NSA to mark the US government decision to release nearly 2,000 intercepted Soviet intelligence cables from the Venona archive, was “oddly omitted” from Weinstein’s Washington Post obituary.

The headline to Reeves’ post puts it more bluntly: “Obituary continues media cover-up.”

What is being oddly omitted or covered-up, Reeves writes, is the historical importance of Venona itself.

Writing at the American Thinker, a website with the inglorious distinction of having twice refused to permit me to rebut attacks on American Betrayal  (the first being an unsubstantiated attack on my “scholarship” in an otherwise net-positive review by Reeves), Reeves explains:

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