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Interior Minister questions allowing entry of returnees from Syria

Interior Minister Petteri Orpo told Yle on Wednesday morning that careful consideration needs to be given to allowing the return Finns who have taken part in the fighting in Syria.

Petteri Orpo
Interior Minister Petteri Orpo was interviewed on Yle TV1 on Wednesday morning. Image: Yle

In remarks to Yle Wednesday, Orpo questioned the position of Finnish combatants in the conflict in Syria who want to return to Finland.

“I think that if there is a clear indication and information that someone has participated in the war or in terrorist activities, then my view is that very serious consideration should be given to what their prospects are – that is, can their return be allowed, and if they return what kind of measures should be undertaken,” Petteri Orpo stated.

According to Interior Minister Orpo, his ministry has fairly specific information concerning Finns who have gone to Syrian warzones.

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  1. Careful consideration should be given before charging them with treason:

    Finnish law distinguishes between two types of treasonable offences: maanpetos, treachery in war, and valtiopetos, an attack against the constitutional order. The terms maanpetos and valtiopetos are unofficially translated as treason and high treason, respectively. Both are punishable by imprisonment, and if aggravated, by life imprisonment.

    Maanpetos consists in joining enemy armed forces, making war against Finland, or serving or collaborating with the enemy. Maanpetos proper can only be committed under conditions of war or the threat of war. Espionage, disclosure of a national secret, and certain other related offences are separately defined under the same rubric in the Finnish criminal code.

    Valtiopetos consists in using violence or the threat of violence, or unconstitutional means, to bring about the overthrow of the Finnish constitution or to overthrow the president, cabinet or parliament or to prevent them from performing their functions.

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