Just another day in French socialist paradise.

A week of violence in Tourcoing

There has been violence almost every night for a week in the northern city of Tourcoing. Cars burnt, trash cans set on fire, projectiles thrown at the police, after the death on Sunday (May 31) of Pierre-Elliot Zighem, 19, who was in a car being chased by the police. The car hit a tree, killing him and seriously injuring another passenger. A reporter for France Bleu a local news source describes what she saw on Thursday morning (June 4):

“I didn’t see cars or trash cans set on fire, or projectiles on the ground. Only the mark left by a rock thrown at a grocery store. The residents told me that ten or twenty young persons had tried to set fire to a discount supermarket. These residents, very agitated, are talking of little else.”

The residents were critical of the police presence: dogs, anti-riot vehicles, a helicopter, riot police, all to keep violence in check, according to the Prefecture. But for the residents, the police provoked the anger of the youth.

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