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Mohamed was a warlord, so it makes sense.

Unprecedented: Members of rival gangs Crips and Blood united with Nation Of Islam in the streets in an apparent show of solidarity

Huge blazes rip through Baltimore as Freddie Gray rioters torch buildings including a nursing home, loot stores and attack police, injuring fifteen officers, as violence rages into the night 

  • State of emergency declared in Baltimore just hours after funeral for Freddie Gray who died in police custody
  • Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake branded the rioters ‘thugs’ and issued a 10pm-5am curfew for all adults 
  • President has been briefed on the situation, more than 1,000 police and Maryland National Guard are on standby  
  • Three rival gangs have announced an unprecedented alliance to ‘take out’ Baltimore officers
  • 15 police officers injured, two in serious condition in hospital. 27 people have been arrested
  • Looters are raiding gun stores and check cashing stores. A CVS store is on fire, rioters slashed fire fighters’ hoses
  • Earlier Gray’s distraught mother, Gloria Darden draped herself over her sons body during the open casket viewing
  • Family attorney, Bill Murphy called for the officers who arrested Gray to come clean to the public
  • Gray, 25, died after being detained by police on April 12. He suffered a spinal injury in their care and died on April 19

A state of emergency has been declared in Baltimore as the city transforms into ‘an absolute war zone’ following the funeral of Freddie Gray.

More than 1,000 Maryland police officers, the Maryland National Guard, and 5,000 officers from neighboring states are on standby in the city and the president has been briefed on the situation as violence continues to escalate.

The scenes of destruction were initially billed as anti-police protests to avenge the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody. But the demonstrations rapidly mushroomed into uncontrolled riots.

Even as the governor of Maryland pledged the highest level of support available, police continued to be pelted with rocks well into the night.

Fifteen police officers have been injured, many with broken bones, and at least one appeared ‘unresponsive’. Two of the 15 are in hospital in a serious condition.

As the sun set, flames erupted from a new $16 million nursing home built by a baptist church on the more affluent east side of Baltimore, which has now been burned to rubble. It was due to open in November this year after eight years of construction. Just two blocks away, a housing development was also ablaze. Officials warned the two fires could be a distraction to pull law enforcement away from other locations.

Rioters are looting gun stores, ripping off the doors and passing weapons to people on the streets. Others have stormed check cashing stores, liquor stores and supermarkets. Buildings, including a CVS pharmacy, are on fire. Rioters have slashed fire fighters’ hoses as they try to battle the flames.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake branded the rioters ‘senseless thugs’ in a press conference as she announced a week-long 10pm-5am curfew for all citizens starting tomorrow night.

By nightfall, groups appeared to be moving toward more affluent areas near Camden Yards stadium, prompting tonight’s White Sox v Orioles game to be suspended. College students have been told to stay in their doors and be alert to possible attacks.

Freddie Gray died of a severe spinal injury in police custody on April 12.

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