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It’s the only conclusion one could some to if the investigation was honest.

And also using the gorunds of the Shifa Hospital as a launching site for rockets into Israel, as ”Rocket Girl” attested to, made famous by the Tundra Tabloids’ blog. Later on she (Aishi Zidan) became bitter that the video captured and subtitled by the TT was used to highlight the IslamoNazi Hamas indeed using civilians as human shields. The video has over 300 000 hits.

UN Secretary General: Palestinian militants put UN schools at risk during Gaza war


UNRWA school damaged by fighting in Gaza. (photo credit:REUTERS)

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday he deplores that a UN inquiry found “Israeli actions” killed at least 44 Palestinians and injured some 227 more at UN premises being used as emergency shelters during the 2014 Gaza conflict.

“It is a matter of the utmost gravity that those who looked to them for protection and who sought and were granted shelter there had their hopes and trust denied,” Ban wrote in his cover letter to a UN inquiry report into the incidents.

“I will work with all concerned and spare no effort to ensure that such incidents will never be repeated,” he said.

In his letter Ban also said that Palestinian militant groups had put UN schools in Gaza at risk by hiding weapons in three locations that were not being used as shelters.

“The fact that they were used by those involved in the fighting to store their weaponry and, in two cases, probably to fire from is unacceptable,” Ban said.

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