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Paul is a patriotic hero.


Asked for his view of George Galloway and Russell Brand, due to lead a counter-demonstration in Newcastle, Paul Weston called the former “a despicable traitor” and the latter “an idiot”.


Newcastle Pegida: Paul Weston who was arrested for quoting Churchill to speak at demo

  • By Lisa Hutchinson

Paul Weston, co-founder and leader of anti-Islamisation party Liberty GB, is to speak at demo in Bigg Market

Sir Winston Churchill in 1942
Sir Winston Churchill in 1942

The co-founder and leader of anti-Islamisation party Liberty GB has accepted an invitation by Pegida UK to be guest speaker at their planned demonstration in Newcastle.

German anti-Islamic group Pediga will hold its demonstration on Saturday, February 28, at 11am in the Bigg Market and protesters will gather there for speeches.

Paul Weston is best known for being arrested last April on the steps of Winchester Guildhall for quoting Winston Churchill, Britain’s great wartime leader.

Churchill, who was once begged by a family friend not to convert to Islam, nevertheless once said of the religion, “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world”, and for repeating these words Weston was thrown into a police cell.

His political arrest was covered by the world’s media.

Styling himself “a revolutionary” rather than a conventional politician, Weston achieved online notoriety for a viral video entitled, “My Name Is Paul Weston and I Am a Racist”, in which he argued that the Left smears patriotic Brits as ‘racists’ in order to neutralise popular opposition to Britain’s destruction via uncontrolled immigration and Islamisation.

He has described government immigration policy as “criminal and systematic race replacement of the native English.”

Recently, Weston has spoken at several EDL rallies, including one outside Downing Street at which he condemned David Cameron as a “quisling, coward and traitor” for his refusal to address the Islamic threat.

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  1. I refuse to regard anyone who laps up milk from a saucer while wearing a scarlet leotard as any thing other than a second rate circus act in an asylum for the mentally challenged.

    As for that heap of self loading manure Brand, HE has a brain the size of a pea and is to informed debate what Syphilis is to good health.

    I assure you, neither would be safe in my hands during a debate.

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