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He’s such a pile steaming crap.

Close to 700 000 men during the American Civil War died wiping out the stain of slavery, it was in fact Democrats who approved of Slavery and Jim Crow, not Republicans, and while one can twist or re-invent the New Testament to approve of such heinous acts, no one has to twist the koran, hadiths and sira of Mohamed to enslave a Jew, Christian or animist, or to commit one atrocity after the other, it’s all there in black and white.

IT’S ON: Obama Throws Christ and Christians Under the Bus to Prop up Islam at Nat’l Prayer Breakfast

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At the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Obama, who is supposedly a Christian even though his pastor of over 20 years isn’t quite sure, attacked Christ and Christianity in a thinly veiled attempt to prop us the religion of his youth, Islam.

Don’t criticize Islam, Obama seems to be saying at the National Prayer Breakfast, because Christianity, after all, is just as bad — or something, while of course, using the opportunity to pull the race card as well, killing two birds with one stone.

“In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ,” Obama outrageously claimed.

Perhaps Obama should be reminded that both slavery and Jim Crow laws were implemented and fought for not by Christians, but by Democrats, the very party who recently booed God three times and took reference to Him out of their platform.

Don’t worry about the beheadings by ISIS, it’s pretty normal stuff according to Obama. Par for the course?

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  1. Spoiler! 

    When debating Muslims, I’ve noticed they employ the following tactics, in full or in part; 1. Distraction: The Muslim will try to divert attention from the argument at hand and avoid debating the issue directly 2. Ad hominem logical fallacy: The Muslim will try blaming the messenger and not debating the message3. Fallacy of relevance eg a “red herring”: The Submitter will attempt the “two wrongs make a right” tactic (or the Tu Quoque- In employing evasive tactics the Muslim unwittingly admits the correctness of their opponent’s original argument by implication.

    1. Of course you are correct. Lesson here? Yes. It’s pointless attempting to engage these people in a logical argument according to the rules that govern critical thought and argumentation.

      The whole stance of Islam is non-logical.

    2. Excellent observation Anglojew, it’s exactly that. I will also submit that Leftists uses the same or similar tactics.

      1. I’ve had literally 100s of debates with Muslims and 95% follow the same exact pattern (with some extra elements sometimes) that the Obama administration is also engaged in.

        They state Islam is peace and then say something like, “Christianity is just as bad” and bring up the Crusades etc. In doing this they make two errors of logic, theology and history:

        1. They are subconsciously associate Islam with violence by trying to make a culturally relative association between Christianity and violence.

        2. They ignore or are ignorant of the fact the Crusades (a name only coined in the 17th century) was a Christian response to the take over of the previously Christian “Holy Land” and persecution of Christian pilgrims because it was the Muslims that started the fight on Christian lands, the Byzantine Empire and the occupation of Spain and attacks on France and Italy.

        3. The theology of Jesus is very peaceful with no justification for the crusades found in the New Testament (they had to be justified theologically by the “Old Testament” whereas there are literally hundreds of verses in the Koran justifying political violence i.e. Jihad against non-Muslims by Muslims.


        1. Obviously that should read “three” errors. I have lots more and could write an essay on this.

  2. I don’t need to read the rest.

    But what you report, KGS, is just beyond the friggin’ pail.

    Can it get any worse?

    The leader of the free world? The Commander-In-Chief of the United States Defence Forces?

    The man who would prefer to play golf than visit Holocaust sites?

    Just lamentable.

    1. Raymond, these next two years can’t pass soon enough for me.

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