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The Local refused to identify what kind of ”Swedes” are in question, ethnic or of the immigrant background variety.

This is at least what I can ascertain, after having been forwarded the following Swedish police report on the incident (the original photocopy in Swedish is available under the fold. Shakir Mohamed & Abdi Mohamed Ahmed (the second perp named in the report) were two of the eight perps who raped a 45 year old woman in a cabin on a Swedish ferry in Finnish waters.

Until Places for the appointment of a public defender

Preliminary investigation has been initiated against:

Shakir Bjar Mhamad

Shakir is suspected of rape January 31, 2015 ferry Amorella

Shakir arrested 15.02.01 2:06 pm

Shakir has requested that the court orders a public defender for him and suggests:
Charlie Tvären Vigg

I am grateful for the district court faxing its decision to Södermspolisen Fax No.

Eight Swedes questioned over ferry ‘gang rape’

Eight Swedes questioned over ferry 'gang rape'

The Amorella boat where the alleged attack took place. Photo: Viking Line

Published: 02 Feb 2015 14:33 GMT+01:00

The alleged attack took place on Amorella, an overnight ferry travelling from Stockholm to the Finnish port of Turku on Saturday, a popular route with a reputation for attracting Swedes and tourists who enjoy partying and can enjoy tax-free alcohol for some of the crossing.

Five were later arrested in Åbo in Finland, one was tracked down in Mariehamn and two others managed to make their way back to Stockholm before being arrested on Sunday.

By Monday afternoon, three of the suspects remained in custody in Finland and one was still being questioned in Stockholm. The other four suspects had been released, but had not been “dismissed” from the case, police spokesperson Kjell Lindgren told The Local.

“Right now the big task is gathering video evidence and witness statements,” he added.

The suspects are accused of gang raping a woman, 45, who says she was approached in her cabin by a group of men.

According to witnesses speaking to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, the crossing was “messy”, with many passengers getting drunk and a fight breaking out at a disco on board the ferry earlier in the night, with staff called to restore order.

One traveller told the paper that they saw the victim half dressed and sitting in a corridor “in a shocked state”.

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