Big prizes! $10 000

AFDI First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest, Garland, Texas, May 3

AFDI_Muhammad_poster_copyPamela Geller has the news:

“To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.” Abraham Lincoln

AFDI to hold $10,000 Muhammad cartoon contest and cartoon art exhibit at site of “Stand With the Prophet” conference

NEW YORK, January 24: The human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) today announced that it will be holding a contest for cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and an exhibit of Muhammad cartoons, a retrospective, this May in Garland, Texas.

The contest will be online, with entries posted at the AFDI website. The winning cartoon will be announced at the May 3 cartoon exhibit in Garland, Texas. The winning cartoonist will be awarded a $10,000 prize.

The cartoon exhibit will feature images of Islam’s prophet, both historic and contemporary, and speeches by internationally renowned free speech advocates.

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