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And the anti-Israel antisemite ‘activists’  complain that Jews have a right to return to the Jewish homeland. 

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These Jew/Israel hating ankle biters couldn’t car less about the plight of the Jews, they’ve moved on from the Holocaust without ever having learned the lesson from it, that being, only Jews can ensure the security and safety of other Jews, hence the moral need for a Jewish homeland.

NOTE: Proof of Europe not having learned from the Holocaust, is their importation of tens of millions of Jew hating Muslims to take place of the 6 million that they murdered.

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120 000 Jews fleeing France. Israel’s plan to accommodate them

Schools, homes, jobs, taxes here as Jerusalem is ready to cope with a new “Operation Moses”

by Giulio Meotti | 27 Gennaio 2015 hours 06:21

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo AFP)

Rome. On the table of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday arrived a document of the Jewish People Policy Institute, the organization in charge of immigration to Israel affiliated Jewish Agency. The dossier contains the detailed plan to accommodate 120 thousand French Jews in ten years. A quarter of the total number of Jews who are now living in France.

According to Israeli officials, Jerusalem must be ready not only to accept but also to encourage the start of each year, 30 000 Jews from France. This year from Paris should start in 15 000, without that Israel has done nothing yet to attract them. An impressive peak, whereas the 80 000 French Jews arrived in Israel from the seventies to the present one-tenth only arrived in 2014. Yesterday it released another report of the Ministry of Diaspora of Israel, discussed by the Government, that “France is today the nation’s most dangerous for the Jews. “ Among the leaders of the French Jewish community who leave for Israel is also Sammy Ghozlan, the founder of the Bureau National de Vigilance contre l’antisémitisme Paris.

The model that Israel wants to take as an example is the one used for Ethiopian Jews, the so-called Falashas, ​​and l ‘”Operation Moses”. In 1991, two Hercules C-130 and two Boeing 707 Israelis did shuttled to the airport in Addis Ababa, and each time left again with several hundred refugees. The operation took place as discreetly as possible, in a secluded area of ​​the airport. The entire surviving community of Ethiopian Jews, 33 000 people, was transferred within thirty-six hours. The difference with France is that the departures would occur in the sunlight.

Tax benefits, low mortgages to purchase homes, suitable jobs, schools are able to educate the children and places where their inclusion would be easier to have some of the measures that Israel is going to take to deal with the emergency anti-Semitism in France all’alyah and from Western Europe. Immigration from France is not as poor as those from Ethiopia, communities are educated and emancipated, who may choose to leave Paris to go in Quebec, the United States or South America. Israel is preparing to welcome them so.

According to historian Esther Schely-Newman, French Jews are descendants from those Tunisians, Moroccans and Algerians fled from North Africa in the fifties and have never really felt part of France. They always conceived Paris as a stage for Israel. And French Jews, with their experience in finance and in biotech, could have the same effect on Israel revolutionary Huguenots fled France had on the United States and Canada in the seventeenth century. Today French Jews already dominate the Israeli economy, such as telecommunications with Michael Golan, finance with Julien Assous and start-ups with Jeremie Berrebi.

Dov Maimon, one of the researchers who wrote the report government expects the arrival of 250,000 Jews from France in ten years. Would be equivalent to half the Jewish population of France. Most of the French Jews chose the city of Netanya as his new homeland. On the website of the municipality is presented as “the Israeli coast.”

Not that Netanya has not known terrorist, indeed. In 2002 it was the scene of the worst suicide attack, with thirty dead in the lobby of a hotel. But, say the French Jews, at least in Israel we can fight to avoid being eaten.

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  1. The pic of the Arc de Triomphe reminded me of an old joke, I’ve updated it…

    Why did they plant large shade trees on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées?

    So the Muslims could march in the shade.

  2. Start by drop kicking every koranimal out of Israel. That should free up some housing and funds.

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