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No surprise there.

This ‘former’ jihadi debated Robert Spencer in 2013 on whether or not the koran teaches warfare and subjugation. Spencer ate his lunch. He’s for the same goals as his former jihadi brothers, it’s just the means in attaining them where they differ. Islam 101 for all.

mubin shaikh

Italians in jihadist ranks, former jihadist tells Matrix

‘Internet most effective recruitment channel’

21 JANUARY, 18:23

(ANSAmed) – ROME, JANUARY 21 – A former jihadist now working with Canadian secret services has told the Italian television show Matrix that there are Italians ”ready to fight” among the Islamic State (ISIS).

”They do not feel Italian. Only their citizenship is Italian,” he said, noting that ”they could be sent back to their ‘home country’ to carry out attacks.” Repentant jihadist Mubin Shaikh was speaking ahead of an interview with the show set to air Wednesday evening on Canale 5.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Italians in Yemen.

Perhaps only a few. There are certainly some in Syria and Iraq.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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  1. Hello there……its me again…..Don Laird.

    This half-wit, Mubin “Mumbles” Shaikh, is an idiot, 100% complete moron.

    Once the leader of a band of idiots who, collectively, had about 5.2 marbles rolling around upstairs, and who, collectively, were planning a killing spree, finally were arrested when old Mubin went rogue and twiddled off to the RCMP.

    Since then he’s been a chronic pain-in-the-ass, trying to set himself up as Canada’s resident “expert” on all things Mulsim and terrorist (excuse the redundancy)

    But for a sample of Mubin Shaikhs true colours, which come through every once in awhile look for Mubins online twitter threats against Tarek Fatah.

    In short, Mubin Shaikh is a blowhard, a gasbag, a no-body and a duplicitous, deceitful punk.

    Listening to Mubin Shaikh is the intellectual equivalent of listening to a toilet flush.

    Regards, Don laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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