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With a loaded deck, and half-assed questions.

To watch and listen to the fake media try and tackle any serious issue, especially about Islam, is like being waterboarded, you just can’t wait till it’s over.


Fearsome extremist Islam. The guests ,Maryan Abdul Karim, Sylvia Akar, SadekElwan and Atte Kaleva. The debate will be held by Susanne Päivärinta. #yle studio

First there was Atte Kaleva, a National Coalition politician (seated left) who, while demonstrating that he understands somewhat about the jihadist ideology, and sharia, he just didn’t take the fight to the three apologists who made some real outlandish claims, repeatedly throughout the hour long program (video here).


Finnish blogger Vasara Hammer reminds me that Atte Kaleva:

Wants to distance himself from those who “generalize” about muslims. He’s running for parliament with the National Coalition party. I don’t think he realizes what he’s up against. He will never get a fair shake on taxpayer funded television.

Then there’s Sylvia Akar, an ”Islam researcher” for the Helsinki University, who to her credit, said she liked Charlie Hedbo, and that no ideology or religion should be beyond criticism.


However, she launches into a boilerplate condemnation of those of us who demand that the Muslim community to condemn acts of terror, using a lame comparison of an extremist Christian blowing up an abortion clinic, and saying that

”I didn’t hear the church leaders here in Finland condemning that act of violence, that they believed it was self evident that it had nothing to do with Christianity.”

Never mind the fact that in the Christian New Testament, there is no scripture about killing the unbeliever as there is in Islam. The abortion clinic murderers were not citing Christian scripture that validated their actions, as well as the Christian community within the U.S. roundly condemned the heinous act. It’s called mixing apples with oranges.

Sadek Elwan, a Paleostinian Diaspora Society spokesman, tells Atte Kaleva that he misunderstands sharia, saying that only within an Islamic state can the actions of Muslims be taken against another for anti-Islamic activity, like adultery etc.


Well if that’s the case, there have been numerous fatwas (a part of sharia verdicts) levelled at the Charlie Hedbo staff for depicting Mohamed in their cartoons, as well as against other cartoonists and those who dare criticize Islam. Then the liar uses the platform to launch his tirades against Israel, as well as stating that it’s not against international law for people to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight in the jihad, when clearly, is.

Also not widely known to the Finnish audience, is that, Sadek Elwan, was an interpretor for U.K. Islam 101’er, Anjem Choudary, the fiery, but very truthful, imam who wants sharia in the U.K. and who applauds the murders of the Hedbo staff and the Jews.

Then there’s this muslima spinmeisterette, Maryan, Abdul Karim, ”We shouldn’t be asking the wrong questions, that Muslims should be apologizing for Islamic terrorism, and not looking at fascist groups in Europe who want a ”white Europe”.


This is the big bogey-man of the Leftist-Muslim nexus, while there are indeed fascistic groups in Europe, the overwhelming majority of political groups rallying against Islamization, are for real liberal, pluralistic democracies with sensible policies on immigration, and not anti-immigrant. This is a lie, a ruse to get the listener to knee-jerk and label these solid groups as ‘bigots and racists’.

The real fascist groups actually align themselves with Muslim groups because they’re anti-Jews, like the Jobbik in Hungary. But each country has its own dynamic, and here once again, in the name of not generalizing Muslims in Europe, this lying Somali Muslim ‘columnist’, smear an entire European public with the broad brush of bigotry, when they’re simply trying to defend their way of life.

Lets flip the coin and look at the situation from the reverse. These same Muslim apologists would be crying bloody murder, if it were Muslim leaders inviting Europeans and other non-Muslim Westerners into their countries, allowing them to set up Western enclaves, imposing Western norms and values upon them, forcing them to eat pork, getting their imams to turn their mosques, universities over to Christians, allowing them to ring bells calling Christians to service etc etc.etc.

Sadly, none of these points will ever make it to a YLE program.

4 Responses

  1. “..We shouldn’t be asking the wrong questions, that Muslims should be apologizing for Islamic terrorism, and not looking at fascist groups in Europe who want a ”white Europe”

    More to the point – we should be looking at a certain fascist arab based ideology that wants an Israeli-free middle East. And in fact want a Jew-free world.

  2. When I look at this well trained twat, this Islamo-agitprop, babbling about “fascist groups in Europe who want a ”white Europe” I’m beginning to warm up to the idea.

    Europe was always multicultural; far more than 56 and a half Mohammedan crapholes will ever be. I want that “fascist white Europe” to survive. I don’t want Mohammedan monoculti, I want all Mohammedanism removed from Europe.

    I want these MF’s gone. GONE!

    1. I think that you hit the nail on the head Sheik (pbuy), Europe has been multicultural (actually multi-ethnic) long before the invention of the word, what’s in question here is it being displaced by mono-culture Islam under the guise of ”multiculturalism”.

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