Islam Offended Mo-toons


A benign cartoon once again brings out the inner Mohamed.

hedbo cartoonist says all's forgiven

jihadi speaks

‘Je Suis Muslim’: Mounting anger in Islamic world at new Charlie Hebdo edition sees protesters in Somalia and Pakistan apeing catchphrase of Western peace marches 

The students carried signs which aped the 'Je Suis Charlie' posters which became synonymous with the Western peace rallies

Students in Somalia held up posters declaring ‘Je Suis Muslim – and I love my Prophet’ as they marched through the streets of Moagdishu on the second day of protests. The marchers were angry about the satirical magazine’s cover, which depicts a crying Prophet Mohamed – seen as an insult by many Muslims around the world. Protests had already taken place in Nigeria, where five died, and Pakistan, among many other countries, on Friday. More here.

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  1. Islam is a giant brain washing killing cult. Look at these fruitcakes, whipped into a frenzy about something they probably know nothing about.

    The scope of the islamic problem is hard to fathom. Think of it. Twenty percent of humanity caught up in a killing cult. Fifty plus countries ruled by sharia. Universities pumping out Ph.D.s in islamic studies. And all of this is centered around a 7th century child pedophile, war lord, murdering thug.

    And to make matters worse, the remaining 80% of humanity does not have the courage to tell the truth about this killing cult.

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